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Outdoor Safety Course
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19 December 2022

Thinking of Visiting Any of These Amazing Destinations


Gumti National Park, Taraba, Nigeria



Explore Yankari Game Reserve



Explore Gembu Mambilla Plateau Nigeria


You need the "Outdoor Safety Course"


You're eager to explore the outdoors more, but getting home safely requires more than just good fortune.


Wilderness risks cannot be completely eliminated, but they can be managed. You'll learn how to prepare for risk management when planning your excursions with this course.


When you set off on a trip with a plan, you can concentrate on having fun rather than dealing with unforeseen issues. Injury risk decreases when dangers can be recognised. Additionally, having a plan positions you for a successful response in the event that something goes wrong despite your preparedness.


All levels of outdoor enthusiasts, guides, and trip leaders should take this course, especially those who may travel to areas where typical emergency services are not available. (places with unreliable cell service, poorly maintained roads, or none at all).

What You'll Learn

  • Principles of trip preparation and how to spot life-threatening outdoor risks
  • outdoor decision-making and leadership techniques
  • emergency preparation (self assessment tools included)


Course Content

  • Trip preparation
  • assessment and identification of risks
  • Outdoor decision-making and management 
  • Outdoor decision-making and management 
  • emergency planning
  • risks specific to solitary excursions
  • using independent contractors
  • Reflexion and learning from the journey
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