Return Policy

All sales are final on DigiCounted and there are no refunds unless the item received is not as described. If this is the case, you'll be covered by our DigiCounted Buyer GuaranteeOnce a transaction has been completed, there are no returns or refunds. You are agreeing to accept the item and finalise the transaction by completing the transaction. 

To avoid a dispute with a transaction, we encourage Buyers to review the listing photos, description and item condition before purchasing. Please ask customer support for additional information if you have any questions about the listing.

Refunds are subject to the following guidelines:

1. Once the item has been delivered and/or received, there are no refunds

2. Item not as described is covered by our DigiCounted buyer guarantee

Fraudulent claims 

Fraudulent claims may include: 

A buyer filing a chargeback via payment processor after receiving their purchased item. 

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences and in addition, we reserve the right to permanently suspend the buyer's account. If the item received from a purchase is not according to the listing description, please open a support ticket before charging back through your payment processor.

Goods Not As Described Policy. 

Buyers are required to start a screen recording with the "Loom" software tool (Mac, Windows, iOS) before they redeem a digital product or they will lose any dispute. Any Loom video that appears edited, paused, tampered with, excessively delayed, or is uploaded to YouTube or any domain other than will be strictly rejected. Please open a ticket from the support link on your user dashboard to report issues if your recording shows that the digital is not as described. 

Buyers have 1 hour to open a dispute through our support ticket about a digital product. The decision made by our appeal team regarding a dispute is final. 

Things Buyers Cannot Appeal Against

1. Compromised data in your care: Any of your associates including family, friends, colleagues, suppliers or casual acquaintances gets access to the digital product; or, any person gets access to your email or any of your online accounts or devices and can access the digital product, we will not refund your purchase. 

2. Third-party content provider closes your account or revokes the digital product for any reason: We have no control over your use of the digital product, and if the retailer determines its use to be in contravention of their policies and T&Cs we cannot be held responsible. 

3. Consequential loss: Any loss you endure after using or attempting to use the digital product purchased from DigiCounted cannot be attributed to us.

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