All purchases made on Digicounted are protected for free, and our Digicounted Guarantee ensures that you get the item as described or your money back.

Buyers can use the Digicounted Guarantee when:

1. They don't receive an item
2, They receive an item that doesn't match the listing description

Please do the following if the item delivered is not as described:

1. Open a Support Ticket.

From your users' dashboard, go to the support menu, click "new ticket" and open a new ticket to report an issue to our support team.

2. Get your refund.

Once you have submitted the support ticket with all necessary information, it will be reviewed. You'll be updated on the case via the support ticket/e-mail.  If successful, all refunds will go to the source of the payment method.

What is not covered

Buyer's remorse or any reason other than not receiving an item, receiving an item that isn't as described in the listing,

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may include:

1.  A buyer filing a chargeback after receiving their purchased item
2. A buyer filing a chargeback after knowingly receiving a refund
3. A buyer filing a chargeback after completing the purchase

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences and in addition, we reserve the right to permanently suspend the buyer.

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