What is DigiCounted

A platform designed to safely buy and sell digital products.

Instant Withdrawal

Digicounted supports instant withdrawal of sellers earnings to all major UK and EU bank accounts.

Instant delivery

Enjoy instant delivery 99,9% of times, Our service is safe, fast and secure.

Safe for Sellers

Zero % chargbacks. Buyers pay with crypto or direct instant bank transfer.

Safe for Buyers

You get what you paid for as advertised by the seller or your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

It is a safe marketplace for the buying and selling of digital products such as gift cards, payment cards, mobile phone top-ups, games and more...
DigiCounted offers a safe and easy way to buy digital products such as gift cards, games using cryptocurrency and direct instant bank transfer. Our goal is to eliminate the risk of credit card chargebacks for sellers and to offer instant earning withdrawal to sellers.
We accepts crypto payments plus instant bank transfer.
Every seller on Digicounted is given a quality rating with a transparent fraud statistics. Unlike other marketplaces, we charge a variable % fees for invalid, vouchers and other fraudulent cards. If the quality rating of a seller falls too low, they will be suspended indefinitely. This is why less than 2% of cards are refunded.
Yes. If you get an invalid or partially-used voucher, request a refund on the Offers page. Buyers have the refund period (1-2 hours) to request a refund, and sellers have the dispute period (2 hours) to accept the refund or open a dispute with a third-party moderator. Sellers are charged a small fee for selling invalid or partially-used voucher.
As soon as your transaction is confirmed, the code/pin of the digital product will be sent to the email address or shown to your on screen.
Yes. Buyers are required to start a screen recording with Loom software tool (Mac, Windows, iOS) before they request the redeem code or they will lose any trade dispute. Any Loom video that appears edited, paused, tampered with, excessively delayed, or is uploaded to YouTube or any domain other than will be strictly rejected.
Yes. Our dispute judges helps us solve trade disputes quickly and fairly. Any Loom video that appears edited, paused, tampered with, excessively delayed, or is uploaded to YouTube or any domain other than should be reported to our dispute judges.
No. Buyers are encouraged to verify their identity so as to increase the spending limit while sellers are also encouraged verify their identity to improve their reputation score and reduce fees, but KYC is not required. We partner with Persona to verify your identity in minutes.
Yes. You can request your double auth (2fa) key at any time. You will need to verify a digital code sent to your email to enable 2fa security. Once enabled, your 2fa code will be required each time you login.

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